Exercise 20

Client visuals


In this exercise I had a variety of images lined up and decided to go with a book cover designed by Joshua Middleton.  The image is very clean and crisp with very few heavy details in it.  As a result I wondered what type of client visuals were conveyed to the client in order to move forward with the design of the cover.


Looking at the image it is mostly detailed through the effects and rendering.  The details in the three characters and nicely laid out, so there was careful consideration on the positioning of the characters as well as the dynamic aspect of them.

Firstly, as the cover would be spanning across the front and back, most consideration was given to the front cover.  The back was left relatively blank for inserting a review or brief summary of the book.


The middle of the image has most of the tree in it, which means that the spine of the book would get most of the image here.  The positioning of the three main characters including the cat, had to be framed in such a way as to allow for the title of the book and the authors name to appear on the cover.

The characters are in mid movement except for the crouching character who appears to be acting in a primitive manner, positioned for action but using their instincts perhaps to listen or wait for what is happening around them.

The action implies there is a need to either run or hide as the faces of the characters are slightly stressed and anxious to move.

Using a light box I went over the original image and took in as much detail as possible.  This would have been the final image to sign off on before colouring took place.


Going back over it again, I tried to keep some lines that would convey the movement and get across the urgency but without filling in too much detail about the characters or the environment.

Finally, the key lines used to convey the people and the tree were given.  The body language was still strong enough to convey some urgency and there was an indication from these outlines which character was which, there just wasn’t any other clear detail given.

This would have been suitable for the client to get an idea on where the characters positions would be in relation to a book cover.  The dynamic figure sketch would also have given enough information to the client to get a sense of whether the energy of the book was captured accurately or not.

What is interesting is that if thumbnails for the idea were drawn up and given in, the client would not have been able to get any sense of movement and urgency from these alone.  The tone of the thumbnails isn’t enough to give this important information to a client.

The reality is that the thumbnails assist with the positioning of the characters only, but wouldn’t be good enough to show a client as the message and information conveyed in them isn’t enough to sell it.