Exercise 16

Image development

For this exercise a stock image was taken from http://www.dreamstime.com of a busy street in an Asian country.  The image appealed because there is so much going on in it and I felt it would be the best example of cropping and developing an image for this exercise.


Within various parts of the street there are lots of individual images that could be created that still give a sense of the environment but tell their own potential story on their own.

As you can see from the images cropped, you still get a clear sense of the environment it was taken from and you still get a sense of energy from it.  People are busy, people are moving about doing different jobs and getting from one place to the next.   The environment is very crowded, the buildings are on top of one another and yet people still move through it and get on with their lives.

The cropped image used was that of the two girls on the street crossing paths.  It had been labelled ‘strangers passing’ for the purpose of labelling the cropped images in the exercise.

I completed a few pencil sketches of the image to get a sense of the shapes and characters.  I then used a brush pen to create a stronger image of it to work with.  This image was originally meant to be giving a comment on the use of social media for making new friends.  In this instance the idea was going to be around two girls passing each other holding phones making comments on each others posts yet they just passed each other on the street.


However I thought it might be too obvious, I might revisit that but for the purpose of this exercise I wanted to move on and complete a finished piece.  So I removed the icons and went for a plainer version of the image by using the light box and brush pen.


Next I went into corel painter and adjusted some of the colours and added the text.  I went for a simple coloured version in the end as I felt it was cleaner and suited the illustration better.  The other versions were a little too busy with the extra image ghosting in it and the text wasn’t clear and easy to read.