Exercise 14

Visual spaces

For the images gathered I composed a variety of layers and put them in traditional set ups first before adjusting the angles and scales.  The images were sourced via google.ie and were free png images from http://www.123rf.com and google.

Here we have the images all at similar scales.  The house is slightly smaller and the running figures are the top layer.  As a result they appear to be running towards the house.  The second image implies movement and the figures scaled down show them nearly at the house.

But when the running image is scaled down and the tree is brought forward and the house scaled up, the figures look as though they are further away but arriving at the house.  The first two images have more of a continuity whereas the third image would be better if it showed the figures stationary as to indicate they’ve arrived.

If the elements are at differing angles to each other and at an angle to the frame, what dynamic is suggested? 

At an angle the image takes on a more dynamic aspect.  It could be perceived as covering a huge distance.  It does give the impression of urgency and tension but not the impression of a steep hill.  The third image however is clearer with a single figure, a stronger angle and the impression of a hill is much more obvious.

If all the elements are completely horizontal and vertical in relation to the frame what dynamic is suggested?

There is a sense of order in the image when the elements are all horizontal and vertical.  Depending on the scale of the elements you can shift what is important to focus on or provide a sense of depth the image.

In the first 3 images although there is no obvious horizon, the fact that all elements are horizontal and vertical to the frame gives the impression of a horizon line.   Plus the house in the middle of the frame implies some sort of horizon line.

What is your opinion about this image and what sensation does it communicate?

These images suggest that there is a horizon line in the middle of the image.  The two elements remaining static allow for you to focus on the third element and that gives the impression of movement away from the house.  Depending on which image goes first you can play with the direction of the running children.

I tried some other positions for the elements, adjusting the scale, playing with the horizontal and vertical aspect, and I found some interesting results.  Not using the frame as an anchor can confuse the viewer.  There is nothing to use as a reference so the scale has no meaning and the image becomes too confusing to understand.  Even putting in a rough line to try and imply a horizon line, it still doesn’t work because there is too much chaos in the image.

Putting the images side by side in a box format doesn’t work as you can’t make sense of why they’re in those positions.  There is no message conveyed here.

The element of the child running enlarged and the two different horizon lines for the house and tree imply height.  The running child may be running down a hill or up a hill and some distance is between him and the two other elements so you get a sense that there is a story behind that.

I tried some other ways to play with the images using Photoshop, each time trying to establish was there a story being conveyed, what message was it and how did the scale and angle help or hinder it.

I found that keeping the horizontal and vertical within the frame gave the image a more solid structure.  Playing with the position of the elements and turning the tree on its head was interesting.  It looked a little like lungs when inverted.  After doing this I found that adding the house was an interesting element and the dark around the trees really made you focus in on the house alone.  Adding the running child on the top of the house looked like he was jumping over it.  Not great.

A faded out running children image with trees as their heart was promising.  I was thinking of how the image could give the impression of a ‘Hansel and Gretel’ type story with a horror twist.  The eyes being the trees and the mouth being the house implying danger as it was in the distance.Which is your favourite composition? Explain why you feel it is most successful.

My favourite was the running kids and the house above with inverted tree upside down.  The trunk of the white tree leads you into the image, you get the feeling of a claustrophobic house.  It definitely implied something scary and the kids are running away from the house.  The house seems to be in a wooded area and the extra tree upside down leads the eye out of the image and implies that the kids are escaping.


I felt that it would work as a book cover or a horror DVD cover.  It felt successful as the elements had been pushed to be used in different ways and conveyed something more as a result.  The house and the kids running gave the impression of a story being told while the tree acted as a background which gave the impression of a small confined space in a wooded area.  Adding a bright red background suggested danger and blood, so the clearest message conveyed was one of a dangerous house in the woods with children trying to escape it.  There is no obvious character involved but the suggestion in the image was that something about the house and location were dangerous and so a story was being hinted at.