Exercise 9

objective drawing – shoes

For this exercise I chose shoes and within this category I chose the various type of styles that are put in it such as slippers, boots and heels.  I chose to engage with a variety of mediums to explore what would give the shoes a certain type of shine, finish or texture.

For the first image I used a standard black biro.  The paper was cheap sketchbook off white paper with a slightly rough finish.  The paper and biro worked well together and control of the pen was easy and I was able to get a good range of black tones from it.  The ink did smudge and the rough paper prevented it from being worse than it was.


For the second image I used a HB pencil and built up the layers starting with a complete light grey layer or soft and light pencil and then graded it according to the shadows and layers of the fabric.  The texture was soft and the pencil allowed for that to come through.  A biro would have been too heavy handed for this type of texture.


For the third image I tried colouring pencils and started with a background of the same colour as the shoe.  It didn’t work however, as the texture was meant to be smoother and the combination of rough paper and colour pencil just made it appear off.  A marker on a smooth paper would have worked better as the shoe was a vibrant red and striking with the shiny buttons on it.  This didn’t come across in the image.  Even trying a different pen and going over the image with a highlighter pen as an experiment just didn’t work.


The last image was a selection of shoes and slippers.  They were chosen for the textures and the folds which gave them more character.  A brush pen was used for this and it worked very well on its own.  No colour was added as I liked the black and white finish with the strokes giving shadow and impressions of texture.  The black boots were a satin shine and not a high gloss so that was an interesting finish to express in just black brush pen strokes.