Exercise 8

Exploring drawing and painting

For this exercise I gathered a range of papers together and materials and created a sketchbook for the purpose of trying out drawings and paintings on a range of grades of paper.  The materials I used were patterned origami paper, colouring pencils, basic and more expensive, markers, inks and pens, paints and chalk pastels and pencils and a purple nail varnish.


I also used different coloured paper ranging from patterned, sugar paper, silk and scrapbook paper.  The grades were very different and the quality as a result worked really well with certain materials and not so well with others.

For the cover I decided to cut up a range of origami paper that had various patterns on it.  I stuck the bits together, overlapping for ages until I got a slightly raised texture from it, and then I used the marker to colour in parts of it to separate the patterns and textures and highlight the overlaps.

Then I used a simple white pencil for the pattern inside the cover and a pattern origami paper that looked like rain for the simple image.  Tipp-ex was used to outline a figure in a boat on the sea.

I continued using pencil and ink for the next few pages and got some smooth finishes because of the silk paper.  This worked really well when using purple and yellow on the lavender paper.

When I went for the inks the paper wasn’t particularly strong so I kept it light and enjoyed the brush effects and fading out from it.  Swirling the paintbrush on a drop of the ink gave a glow like effect.

Next I tried out watercolour on the thicker paper, it wasn’t quite watercolour paper but it worked well with it.  The sugar paper was great with the white pencil but it had to be blunt in order to not tear into it.  The next page I used tipp-ex on an origami paper and biro to create the image.  It was okay.  The whiteboard markers worked nicely on the scrapbook paper and didn’t bleed much while the cheaper and thinner markers were good but again didn’t bleed much unless I kept it there too long.

By far my least favourite medium to work with was the chalk pastels.  I even tried using a pencil version and it just didn’t work for me.  I tried using it directly onto the page and then applying it with brush and a cotton bud and some cotton wool.  It just wasn’t for me.

The paper worked well with it and it was more to do with my own unwillingness to work with it.  The chalk gave me the same feeling as running nails down a blackboard so it won’t be revisited!

Acrylic paint splattered with a brush on the silk paper worked very well and gave a lovely dripping effect and watercolour finish.  On the handmade paper it was a disaster and I tried using a stamp and ink to give it some focus and shape but it was horrific.  I had tried the mirror effect by putting paint on one side and folding the page on it to get a mirror image.  The paper stuck and it was a mess.

With the image with the cardboard section in it I was trying out getting a hive effect using paint or pastel.  The pastel didn’t work and neither did the paint.  filling in the shape didn’t work and outlining it didn’t work either.  Spray paint would probably be best but I hadn’t any to hand.

For the last images I went back to the patterned paper and explored cutting them up again and arranging them in shapes and panels.  The tipp-ex and biro was also revisited and it gave me a finished looked that I was happy with.  Coloured pencil worked well again for the clouds while a cut out cloud stuck on worked well in the panel image.