Exercise 5

Turning words into pictures

This exercise was focused on developing ideas from a list of words below:

Childhood     Exotic    Destruction   Kitchen   Wild   Fashion   Travel

I chose Childhood, as I wanted to revisit this from Exercise 4, begin with a clearer Spider Diagram and then let it evolve into the imagery associated with those words.  The word association was similar to the original but there new words added which were surprising.  I also found myself taking a stronger feminine perspective on it, rather than remaining neutral, so I let it flow that way.


After the diagram I let the words take on their own form of imagery and in some cases found myself adding images that had not been listed in the diagram.  Again they were experiences of my own and so the words into pictures felt more like a diagram of my own childhood.


The Powerpuff Girls represent cartoons as they’re a little after my own decade, but the energy behind them is great and they’re easily recognizable as popular childhood characters.  The heart break relates more to the crush you would have had on a pop star or famous actor.

Again this is distinctly a non neutral demonstration of the word, and the imagery doesn’t have much of a ‘shared gender’ aspect to it other than in the painting, hide and seek, radio, exams and cycling activities.  ‘Keep out’ sign is a universal message that continues well into the teenage years!

I think I explored the word well but again relied on my own experiences to dictate the imagery.  It might have worked better if I explored it from both gender perspectives and merged them into one image, but I’m still happy with the product here.  It does highlight that it can be easy to fall back on your own experience to direct the word and imagery association, so a full exploration of the key word is really important.