Exercise 10

A subjective drawing – glasses

A spider diagram was drawn up highlighting all the adjectives associated with my chosen word ‘glasses’ and the words chosen for this project were ‘square’ and ‘reflective’.  The first word was picked and explored but didn’t yield a result that I was happy with so  I tried another word.  ‘Reflective’ turned into reflection as that was the meaning behind it that I wanted to go with.

The mood board represents the type of reflection that occurs when the world around you gets reflected back via your lenses.  The mood suggests not only reflection but also a transparent quality in that the lens is being viewed through and reflecting at the same time.

I sketched the shadows that my glasses made on my sketchbook and varied the height and angle to give a different perspective on the frame and lenses.  I then coloured the shapes in and altered the image using an app on my phone to vary the tones and exposure.

These images were then brought into photoshop and altered to see what type of colours adjusting the opacity and contrast would create.  The inverted image was quite strong so I used that as the main image and put an overlay of a glowing image and a second layer of the same inverted image to give the reflective and almost lens flare effect.  The other adjusted images were too weak so they weren’t used for this final piece.

Exercise 10 - a subjective drawing

This works as it gives the impression of reflection as well as transparency.  It almost feels like it is under water in some ways.  The colour gradient created in the layering echoes the same type of colours commonly seen in a lens flare while the various strengths of the colour displayed gives a rough texture to the image.

I tried mixing up some other layers and got a different effect for each one using the inverted image as a hard mix and adjusting the opacity.  I think the one above is the strongest of the 4 but still like the effects generated from trying it all out.

The second and third image have more of a graphic quality to it and the exposed three colours from the effects of the layers makes some of the frames stand out a little more.  It still has a sense of not being an object but you can make out some of the shape to understand what it is.

The darker colours still work and the centre being lighter somehow gives a focal point for light.