Exercise 11

Black and White drawing


This was chosen as the focus for Exercise 11.  I created a spider diagram to explore what the word meant for me.  After exploring different associations I went with the word ‘detached’ and proceeded to gather images that are related to detached homes.

From the images selected the basic shape of a detached house on the market was square, 2 storey with 4 windows at the front and an extended porch area.  Based on this I sketched an image of a house picking features from the sample board.  The front of the house garden area was an important feature and for the image I wanted to give some type of contrast so included a strong tree theme and hedge area.

The pencil sketch wasn’t a strong black colour when scanned and so it had to be adjusted in PS and made stronger.  The pencil sketch also meant that some of the lines were not crisp and clean.  As a result when selecting areas, some of the lines were not completely closed around a shape and the cutting was not neat.

Although I didn’t work with a strong black and white line image from the start, these images managed to work out well as cutting sections where shadow was suggested really stood out.  As it was in PS it meant that the white and black of the image was very clean and clear.

The clouds were not clean lines so they didn’t cut neatly, but experimenting with the outline wasn’t too bad.  In the inverted image it would have stood out better had I coloured in the sketch with grey clouds.  The inverted image would have had clean white clouds.  The shadow under the porch area in the night time image really gives the effect of a strong full moon evening.

Based on the above results I felt it was important to create a clean line drawing of the image and explore that.  I went back over the sketch with a 0.2 fine black pen to see if a cleaner inverted image would make much of a difference.

I put in a little more structure for the garden to see if that would provide more contrast.  It did but still not enough to make the image pop.  Cutting sections wasn’t working as well as the previous experiment so I went back and got a black marker and filled in sections of the image with a view that they would be highlighted sections in the inverse image.

This produced a far more interesting effect and the clouds definitely worked better.  The colours are not as clean however, but somehow that had the effect of giving texture to the exterior of the house.  The leaves and the trees definitely benefitted from the block colour as the bark texture worked.  However, the marker was perhaps too heavy handed and a smaller nib would have been a better choice.

Both images can stand on their own and wouldn’t look out of place in a comic panel for a contrasting image of day and night.  The rays around the sun were deliberate in a bid to give a full moon aura effect in the inverse image.


My favourite however is the one below:

What works for me in this image is the bark of the trees and leaves along with the shrubs.  The shading on the house prevented the house from being as good as it could have been but the other elements work and I like the contrast created by the dark and light and varied tones under the hedge.