Assignment 3


For this Assignment I chose to go with the ‘create a poster for a pop group’.  To help give focus a single group was chosen and researched along with comparisons for posters with other pop groups and other music acts.

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The group I chose are a J-Pop girl band from Japan called Perfume.  They were established in early 2000 and their style of music fits into the category of post Shibuya-Kei.  Shibuya-kei is a style of music that was influenced by the major performers and studio auteurs of the 1960s.

For this assignment I wanted to take the idea of the themes and colours commonly associated with the pop group and create a poster that reflects their latest album that was released earlier this year, called ‘Cosmic Encounter’.

There are already posters and merchandise available associated with the album and so I wanted to ensure that my images complimented their existing interpretation but express a new take on their existing theme and styles.

My mood board expressed a variety of images and posters that inspired me and what type of colour palette I wanted to connect with.  Movie posters from ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Tron’ were very inspirational as the J-Pop band Perfume, are very much focused on themes associated with Science Fiction.


From there I listened to some of their music and tried to draw and sketch what type of movements I heard.  The images that emerged were largely messy and had some type of rhythm to them in the lines created.  The fact that the music produced that was something that had to be expressed in some way, so if the design I went with permitted it I would factor it in.  The sketches weren’t giving me anything that felt useful or that I could move it into a direction that matched my mood board inspirations.

I sketched out something that would be alternative to what the typical layout for a pop group poster would be without going too far into the indie genre and losing the pop aspect.  The modern feel could be included because of the style of music Perfume produce.  Electronic pop needed to have a slightly more edgy feel to its poster.

A masking pen and bristol board along with a pencil and some watercolours were the main tools.  The script for the title of their album ‘Cosmic Encounter’ was printed and cut out for the poster.

The paper wasn’t ideal but the best that I had.  Experimenting with masking pen and watercolour paper went badly and I found that rubbing out the pen once dry took some paper away with it.

When I put about two light layers of watercolours on the paper, I used a hairdryer to dry it fully and then removed the masking pen.  It left a nice finish, close to what I wanted, but because the pen and a ruler didn’t work together well, the lines drawn by hand to represent circuits, just looked messy.  This and lines that were not clean really made it look second rate.

I took it into PS and removed the script and image so that the background was left.  A lot of cloning took place but in the end it gave me the watercolour background that could be used in a poster.  This was merged with the image that was mocked up originally, as this was the image that was constructed based on my thumbnails and sketches.

The image produced in the end gives a fairer representation of what I was going for with the poster.  It hits the right colour and mood and expresses the Sci-Fi aspect that is linked with the group.

I’m happy with the outcome of the merge of analog and digital, and it showed me that using a good painted background is an excellent way to create something unique.  There were many hours thrown at the analog version, even with the careful planning and research done before beginning the painted version.  It was painfully clear to me that really neat and clean details are not my strength, but that doesn’t mean I can’t use different mediums.  It just means explore and see what works and don’t stick to one thing all the time.