Exercise 3 – Fanzines


What did they include?

The zines contained a mashup of images, articles, poetry, opinions, reviews and were discussions on the topic they were fans of.  They were extremely popular in their more homemade form and contained art and collages between the late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

For this fanzine I wanted to explore ‘Halloween’ as not only is the season, but it is the best month of the year.  Autumn leaves are on display, pumpkins are growing in the garden, various fruit is in plenty supply.  There are many things to be happy about in October and I especially love Halloween night as that is my wedding anniversary.

Instead of being overly controlling on the planning of this, I wanted to go with the flow on what things about the month bring me joy.

I sketched out a number of spooky images in Procreate, and found myself going for a variety of images such as a haunted house, conkers, pumpkins and witches.  I kept the colour palette in an earthy tone and on reviewing I then tried out a variety of different layers of colour over the original.  I felt that the best one was actually the earthy orange and brown colour range but I printed out a colour one for the DIY zine.

I cut up the images and then reused them in a more zine fashion, to express the ‘fan’ element of the exercise.  I felt that the original idea had been more of a small comic or illustration book but not a true expression of what a zine is.

However, for the purpose of the deadline set, I’ll have to revisit this option.  For now, the zine stands as a foldable option with images celebrating what October means for me.

Hilary Lawler 515723
Orange overlay effect

Colour and text edition



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