Exercise 5 – Animal Farm

Exercise 5 – Animal farm

Create a character and reference a range of emotions for that character and different positions.

Figure 1images sourced from google and instagram


Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Brief:  Show an animals character a range of emotions (optional to use clay modelling or puppetry).

Key words: emotions, range.

Brainstorm:  Emotions, how the animal feels in different situations

 –       angry, happy, quiet, calm, excited, surprised, afraid, threatened, hungry, impatient, playful.

Words taken for exploration:

–         quiet, threatened, afraid, playful, impatient, hungry, tired, sleepy.


–         were taken from Google and Instagram screenshots.  The position of the cats body was important and the attitude expressed was key.


Quick sketches of the cat in various positions with the body filled in where it was missing from the reference.  Sketches were done of the six cats and then positioned to show six stages or moods of the character.  There was a pencil sketch layer, an inks layer, a colour layer, and a texture layer.

The colours were chosen to suggest a Siamese colouring but not the traditional lean body of this type of cat.  I like the colours only, so I took inspiration from that breed and brought the colours into a more playful palette and added a slightly scruffier effect with a pencil brush in Procreate.

The reason for this was to show that the character had delusions of grandeur being similar to a Siamese cat breed, but the farm cat scruffiness was present as the cat was busy keeping the farm free of rats and mice.

It’s still a cat that expects to be waited on hand and foot, but it doesn’t always get what it wants. 


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