Exercise 4 – Action gif

Exercise 4 – Gif of action

The brief – to create an action sequence via flip book or gif and show action similar to something you’d see in a 007 movie.

Action – cars, planes, war, chase, spy, assassin, bounty, space, sky, land, water, deep space, shoot, running, escape, fight back, dogfight.

Ideas – create a fighting scene in the sky with war planes fighting and chasing each other.

Key words picked – war, planes, fight, chase

A group of planes were chosen to give a sense of tension and the colours imply a shiny quality and indicate that they could be the ‘good guys’.  The gunmetal grey planes suggest that there is a darkness to them and therefore they are the threat and the subsequent firing from them confirms it.

Sound effects


[accessed 02.08.2021]

[accessed 02.08.2021]

Visual effects:

iMovie – available to see at this link