Exercise 4 – Everyday fashion

Exercise 4 – Everyday fashion – draw a range of people in different clothes.

For this exercise I researched current trends on Tiktok.  I found a variety of users that were regularly posting about their trends and what they were wearing.  Lots of them were offering advice while many were showing how to wear certain outfits for various times of the year.

This route was taken as with such a wide variety of things going online, more and more fashion segments on TV and for magazines, are referencing people in their home.  As a result, fashion feels more grounded and less straight from the catwalk.

I picked four accounts that posted their outfits regularly.  From the screenshots taken I then wanted to explore a direct fashion sketch from the image, an interpreted fashion sketch from the pose and a pushed illustration type sketch that wasn’t dependent on lines.

The research I did on how to draw fashion sketches was varied.  From the YouTube videos instructing on fashion sketches, most were like the quick sketches done during a life drawing class.  The energy captured during those first few minutes is often the best representation of the moment.

I tried out drawing from the references and then adjust them to look more like a character for an illustration.  I found that fun as I used the pose and adjusted for outfits and colour.  I felt that it was a helpful exercise for inspiring character design.

Then I did a few black and white quick reference sketches of the accounts.  This was to reflect the traditional quick sketches for fashion that are often iconic with the industry.  These were fun but I found myself adjusting some of the poses for dramatic effect.  They were also slightly exaggerated in length and size to give a more ‘fashion drawing’ effect. 

Finally, I tried out some portraits to zone in on accessories for fashion.  I focused on the sunglasses and hat for one, the texture and colour of a jumper and coat for the second and for the last I wanted a quick full body sketch in colour.  I enjoyed this exercise as it pushed me to think of what I’d sell from a fashion perspective and how the drawings help that.

Inspiration taken from TikTok fashion influencers
First set of designs
Second set of designs



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